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Kitchen design help with temporary re-paint the cabinets of 1980 booths bevel, color scheme 2000?

Hi, no, thanks clicking. " Unforeseen repairs ($!) Makes us a temporary fix until the entire kitchen can be renewed. It's a former carpenter with the know-how, but the colors are left to me. The main question I have is: With the cabinet in such a clear time (which I liked growing!), I have to do the same base 1980 / 1990, color schemes? I use the mauve and mocha, but to go with beveled doors, the kind with the round in the beveled design? The refrigerator and stove are white come (Mr. man chosen by him in emergency situations). The countertops are strudy, lovely laminate marbly look, color from beige to purple mocha nuances. The walls must be de-papered and painted, and we plan on vinyl using up all kitchen can be done again in a few years. Thanks for your help!

You can use colors and will look great. The old style does not limit your color scheme. Going to make it look like a new cabinet a retro touch. Good luck.

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