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laminate countertops formica countertops
How to remodel the kitchen counter?

I am going to remodel my kitchen within the next two months. I have formica countertops. Is there a way to put laminated onto the cover without removing the whole thing or do I have to remove the tops and put new sheet below after that? I tried searching for information, but even the web sites I was looking very confused. Thanks for the help …

Take a hint and not try to do it yourself. This is what it is doing things well. # 1. A hook sink drain and water lines. Remove sink # 2. Wash and rinse / dry top surface – Let dry. # 3. Take a sander Electric with 36 grit sandpaper and sand the entire top surface of the counter. Wipe clean. Sand all the edges well. # 4. Measure surface areas and the border is necessary. Go look at this laminate with contact cement to glue new laminate formica to age. Get a 3-4 "wide paint brush disposable purchase a few 8 'pieces wood lattice cut # 5 You need to buy a roll edge formica -… If you do not have to have to tear it from the blade to buy for the top. # 6. Set some sawhorses and lay old PC. plywood or other board in the racks so you can set formica sheet on it to cut. # 7. Measure carefully and allow only about 1 / 2 "for the new formica projection around the edge. Better cut back with a fine tooth blade in a circular saw. wear glasses. # 8. Now cut the edge of the strip in the same way. # 9. Dry fit your top sheet and check before pasting. Cut all the sink holes, except around of 1 / 2 "- you can cut it later with a puzzle # 10 .. Apply contact cement to the old countertop area # 11. Apply contact cement on the back the new laminate. # 12. When the glue on both pieces. is no longer sticky and dried, cut into network 2 'PC. and approximately every 12 "along the counter. # 13. Place rolled on top without touching the top anywhere. line up. # 14. Now start removing the strips at one end network that allows laminate contact adhesive on the top. Press down and remove new laminate strips. Working air as the pressure on the laminate. Once you have each strip, place a bath towel on top and use the rolling pin to roll over the entire surface to get air bubbles under the sheet. # 15. Now dry the strip-shaped edge, under the overhang at the top laminate. Put the factory edge under the new laminate. # 16. Glue the bottom edge and of the new strip rolling. # 17. Start at one end and roll the strip edge to edge of applying pressure on the fly. # 18. Now take a set laminate router a little slight bevel laminate and laminate router excess at the top and the bottom edge of the strip of the face. # 19.Router the projection in the sink hole. # 20.Re to install the sink. # 21.Wipe of any excess adhesive with mineral spirits. # 22. Its done. Or, call a contractor and do so for about $ 25 – $ 40 per linear foot.

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