Laminate Countertops Colors

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laminate countertops colors
Why is my wife, I think we need new countertops?

Our laminate tops are fine as they are, no scratches and around 15 years of age or older, and a light tan marble color that matches everything. But instead of saving for college or buying a new car, or replace garage doors that are 80 years old and falling apart, she wants to spend $ 5000 on new granite countertops. The first time I reacted with "Why?" she looked at me like I was the antichrist or something. I think it would be less annoying if I was sleeping around with a neighbor. What Is granite has drawn as a religion?

the first time he stuffed on top of them know why lol

Episode 7 – 7 New Colors of Believable Granite — 180FX™ Formica® Laminate

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