Kitchens Plus Countertops

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kitchens plus countertops
My kitchen has black tile countertops and oak cabinets Blacksplash more.?

The background is black and white, black and red curtains. I want to remove wallpaper (old) and paint the walls. I love red and black combo but painting the walls red – will this be too dramatic? Any alternative idea?

One thing to consider is the size of the kitchen. If you have a large kitchen with plenty of cabinets in it, and oak a dominant color, then there should be nothing wrong with red walls. If there is more to the wall cabinets, the color red could be dominant. I would also like pay close attention to the color red, which could make or break the success of the combination of colors. One thing you could do is request a quote-free cabinet of going to do a kitchen design for you and you can send pictures of what your kitchen would look like if the walls painted red. Since its is a free service I use all the time to make models of kitchen renovation.

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