Kitchen Upgrade Countertops

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kitchen upgrade countertops
Installing granite countertops?

I just bought a new house and chose granite countertops (as an upgrade, of course). Only I've been home for a week and noticed that the kitchen countertops have a seam on the side of the pool which I think is remarkable and a seam behind the faucet. No sewing can be done in a more discreet place, so it is not so obvious. In addition, the sealant used is quite evident, it should not have been clear or colorless? I need to know how to talk about this with the constructor.

In fact should not be the seams in the first place but if the meter is so big you have to have seams must constructor call and tell them you prefer a different color putty, which will take less than an hour of pulling the old and install new ones. As for the seams go, a good rule to follow is this. Go seams where two surfaces at different angles from each other and meet anywhere else. Certainly nowhere near the sink or faucets. Good luck.

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