Kitchen Tiled Countertops

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kitchen tiled countertops
What color granite tile / backsplash would look better for countertops in the kitchen?

My cabinets are creamy white, not color bright white. a few more questions too … My appliances are white, but steel are better, because really gives with the white cabinets? floor is an old white with streaks of blue tile. We will be chancing it too, but what would look good .. a tile darker or lighter stay? A floor plywood> look good? I've seen some that look really good now a'days? thanks for the tips!

There is a wooden floor called "pergo" … I had the med. oak grain on the floor of my kitchen for 11 years and still love it.It still looks new, even with minimal care I have given in recent years, (it requires very little maintenance) … this can be expensive depending on the size of your kitchen floor is, but now that loosens the brands that are doing well too … so compare store prices … and of course choose your own wood grain and … Cream with white furniture color choices are vast … I would probably go for a bolder color as the white cream is neutral … as these; burnt orange royal blue cornflower blue red brick, dark green appliances Stainless steel would be nice and modern, or black. Good luck!> =)

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