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kitchen sinks countertops
What is the average depth of a kitchen sink bottom mount?

We will have quartz countertops installed and I'm having a hard time decide the depth of the pool should be. I ordered it was 12 inches deep and was too deep. I would have to bend down to wash dishes. Any suggestions?

Sinks are now more standard 7 "to 8" deep. Personally I prefer the 9 "to 10" depth, because they wash dishes and large baking a little easier. You'll have to consider how often you wash dishes by hand, rather than the dishwasher, and when they do the dishes wash hands, what are you washing? For basic crockery and cookware occasional 7 "is fine. But no way to clean a baking pan or pot full size shallow sink. I agree that 12 "is too deep – which are usually sinks old style country house that look great but do not work very well for those of us who value good practice. lucky!

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