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kitchen masters countertops
How I can get some peace with the cat inside of me?

I just adopted a cat. She has just been operated on and his belly was shaved to operation. The shelter, said newly sterilized keep cats in the first two weeks so that other cats can not try to copulate with her ​​while cure. In addition, it is cold here all night and she has no belly that skin to protect it and keep it warm. So, keep it in the room during the night. I will not let you have the run of the house without supervision since the limit of up to tables, shelves and counters. In addition, there are things that can break in the living room and kitchen. It will also keep out of the main room (I know you really want to come to sleep on top of mom and dad) because I suffer from insomnia, so every little move of his will disturb my sleep. Your room has its food, water, toys, blankets and litter box in it. The problem is that after closing its in your room before going to bed, get up and do not shut the hell. What I can do?

I have always found my cats get more noisy when they have to be confined to a room. They have all this energy and no place to burn. Can he play? If so, try to spend 20 minutes before bedtime of your reach to do something energetic. Then she may be tired enough to sleep. Also make sure you have a comfortable place sleeping in the room you want to try putting her in a piece of clothing that has been used in the room. She will be able to smell her scent on it and could calm her.

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