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kitchen layout countertops
Renovation of flat?

I have installed new linoleum in my kitchen 2 years ago so it is still in really good shape. I'm in the process of having my kitchen remodeled with new cabinets and countertops. (I was not planning on updating these has yet to do that first ..) The new design will match about the existing wall except one, currently has 4 base cabinets, you now have a pantry, refrigerator and storage cabinet. No linoleum in the fridge and will now be a cabinet to the wall. I have left over from when it was installed linoleum. What is the best way to fix the area without having to replace the linoleum again? The work will be done by my husband and father who have carpentry skills. I'm on a budget and only the budget to spend on updating this, do not enter into a new apartment, etc.

When all work is performed other (soil should be the last step), make sure the area is clean and dry. The base (wood or concrete subfloor) must be perfectly smooth. If not, you have to buy products of flat patches. I recommend reliable fill soil or finished ARDEX pen. Agreement to the instructions on the bag. Once the filler is dry (if it takes more time, you can put a fan on it) and has a totally smooth, place the piece vinyl back down to match the pattern, if it exists. Your husband may need to overlap the old and new pieces and use a ruler to cut both pieces the seam is perfect. Cut and place the piece before you open the adhesive. Use any adhesive that is made for sheet vinyl. Pay attention to instructions use the palette size. Too large a palette will glue seeps into the stitching, too small will not grip. Once the piece of vinyl is down, Roll gently with rolling pin or something similar to ensure that the entire piece of vinyl paste. When you buy the filling and adhesive vinyl, you must also buy a small tube of seam sealer. This product goes directly into the seam to seal the dirt. Once your repair is done, stay outside for 24 hours. All these products have addresses. Read and follow them closely and you will have a final product that will be happy with.

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