Kitchen Island Countertops Design

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kitchen island countertops design
How to remodel a kitchen without spending too much money?

I want to completely remodel the kitchen. I'm thinking of painting the cabinets instead of getting new ones, and I want new countertops, splashes, wall color, flooring, appliances, and maybe add a bar on the island or breakfast (instead of a table). I want to be modern, which tends to be expensive. How I can remodel my entire kitchen on a budget? Thanks! http://www.iroonie. com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/white-luxury-kitchen-design-layout-500×332.jpg ^ I love these kitchens.

The key is to plan your budget before you just jump in! For example: choose your absolute not a penny more The budget is divided up according to the separate items you need is to hire a designer? paint / backsplash tile countertops painting supplies bar equipment installation fees, etc. do everything you can without going overboard. and just remember we all want a super sleek kitchen modernized, but sometimes we to return to reality and the scale a little (:.! best of luck to have fun God bless <3

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