Kitchen Hardwood Countertops

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kitchen hardwood countertops
Countertop cherry oak cabinets?

I'm thinking about using some leftover hardwood Brazilian cherry to make a new kitchen countertop. I have oak cabinets, however. It would look bad with two different types of wood, or would be okay? I also like copper countertops, but I heard they are quite expensive. What do you think?

One time, actually installing a section of an old bowling alley as a counter! At first I was cynical and doubtful as to the result, but seeing the end result, I was impressed. The thing was almost indestructible too. It was made to hold bowling balls thrown for … Brazilian cherry wood is hardwood, in my opinion. I guess it has to do with personal taste. Me, I love lots of different grains of wood and colors that work together to compare and contrast. But then you probably live in a tree house, if I had to choose … Try that first. Set some pieces on the counter a few days and see if you still like it, or not. Whatever you do, not just a shot away from the floor. Used in another, or save, or sell it. And yes, the price of copper has become ridiculously high. Probably on par with granite. All the best with whatever you decide ..

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