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What would you do with this kitchen?

The sky is the limit …. in terms of price and design. What color walls? What type of flooring and countertops? r107/tlmcmichael/DR.jpg ideas of mine:-Keep the dark wood finish the viewpoint Fill w / bank that has a lid that rotates (storage)-Replace the furnace near the square on the stove and build in a slot (built-in support cookbook)-New Spider-Do something with the top edge of sink

Ovens have to go and have to be steel to match the refrigerator. I would assume is steel dishwasher, but if you replace a game. The border of wallpaper should be removed and painted in its place. It is very dark and busy and that brings the roof down. A new lamp is a good idea and therefore is built on a bench under the window of the bay. It will close on the square behind the stove for a cookbook holder. It is very close to the stove for the role of any kind. The intensification of light cuisine and we to have a fire. Get a book propeller and put it on the island for cooking. Use the niche of salt and pepper, decoration oil cans, or other spices for cooking. The increased spending will be the counters. While useful, granite or similar stone is preferable to smooth tiles with grout.

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