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kitchen countertops wilsonart
I recently purchased new desks, now I like the colors of my walls, please help!?

I painted my kitchen a green accent wall light with the rest of a deep green organic. I have white cabinets and white appliances. I do not want a beige-colored wall, but something brighter. I thought of a color bright orange, but honestly I'm afraid it's not going to look right. Please help to choose a color combination that will look good with these counters: Sorry, I have to clarify that I painted the kitchen green before putting on the counters. I want to get rid of the green now.

possibly something in this range of colors … me as the best intermediate color You can also google a color wheel and choosing colors of your counter tops and see what the color contrast … and go with it on their walls. Burnt Sienna and go, olive green tones

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