Kitchen Countertops Sears

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kitchen countertops sears
Has anyone had their kitchen cabinets rectified? How did it go?

I am particularly interested in Sears, but overall it was successful? Are you satisfied with the results? We have a very simple kitchen oak-ish – not things solid wood … I am interested in correcting things and maybe change colors. I have a new sink, faucet, and countertops. One more question, reface first, then change the floor, or change the first floor? We need new tab. too! Oh, yes – costs involved in correcting? We have 17 areas of the cabinet in about 14 x 14 kitchen. Thanks for your answers!

Would cheaper to reface it. Paint the body of the cabinets and then u just buy new fronts. Super easy. Would cabinets before the floors, countertops past.

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