Kitchen Countertops Repairs

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kitchen countertops repairs
How I can fix my white countertop?

Hello! I have white countertops in my kitchen and when they are spotted regularly, I was able to complete Clean with a little bleach. Today I realized that I had what looked like coffee stains and was a bit of bleach did nothing. Then I thought I was going out of chlorine in that area a bit and unfortunately did nothing for the stains and now seems to have removed a cover layer, giving that area an orange tint clear. Looking back, it makes sense that the chlorine do that:) Does anyone know .. 1. How I can remove the stains without damaging or discoloring the most? 2. Is there some form of repair by sealing once the stains are removed? I can rent my flat and I'm not sure how much it will cost, if I have to pay for all housing be replaced. Thanks for your time! Oh, I have laminate countertops.

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