Kitchen Countertops Remodeling

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kitchen countertops remodeling
Kitchen remodeling … What do you do first?

What is the order of how things should be done? We're getting new cabinets, appliances, countertops, backsplash and flooring.

1 – Draw a picture of his second existing kitchen – Revised Draw how you want your new kitchen to look, walls, install the device, etc? Third – On the basis of the revised drawing, make a list of all your choices, eg style of texture, color painting, cabinet design and color, the fight against the kind of superior design, and color, flooring, etc room – Buy a bin and make it the park somewhere for your kitchen and in a place where not so anyones. 5 – Demo / small kitchen of the sixth – the brand new equipment will ex: 7 stove and bar – run all the plumbing and electrical needed for the correct location eighth to ninth replace any bad wood frame – if the exterior walls, insulate 10th – Hang new drywall (in Houston often use 1 / 2 ") 11 – the tape, float and texture of plaster 12 – build or install your kitchen cabinets 13 – if you removed Cased openings or doors when we give, now is a good time to go back in 14 – to execute any necessary board and / or cut 15 – If you build your taxi, then it's time to paint or stain and trim the walls and 16 – sets your countertops seventeenth-eighteenth floor – hardware (knobs, handles, etc) 19 – electrical power adjustment – probably 20th appliances can connect the dishwasher for you if you're not going to have to get the plumber to do when he comes and put in the new sink 21 – Plumbing 12-13 setting shoe mold – touch up paint 24 – Get cooking …! Very experienced cabinetmaker …

Kitchen Remodeling in New York City

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