Kitchen Countertops Remodel

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kitchen countertops remodel
Remodeling the kitchen?

I have a house in 1880 and was remodeled in the 1960's. We are just completeing the bathrooms, has made ​​the dining room room, bedroom, and finally to the kitchen. We live near water, so you want something casual, but it is in the area of ​​the house. (Victorian House) Any and all ideas are welcome. Floors? Countertops? Colors? Cabinets, new paint? We have an unlimited budget, so you must save when we can, but I want a "Element of surprise" I'll indulge.

Victorian house near the water … is type ocean or lake water? I found a site that has some great options cabinets. Some of them have light wood and there are some really cool hardware options. For example, the cabinet door was really beautiful, rich, but it seems cottage-and me. Http:// You can use this site for ideas on where to start. Here is a site that goes into detail about what you see in Victorian kitchens on, every aspect: Hope this helps. In As for the decor .. you can get a lot of interesting things cheaper in the yard sale, auctions, garage sales, flea markets, etc. Try to find Auctions sale of real old … many of these sales have been good economic matters.

Kitchen Remodel: Counters-HGTV

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