Kitchen Countertops Refinishing

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kitchen countertops refinishing
Potential buyers of origin: Would you rather see, kitchen cabinets painted white, or badly stained and varnished

Here's the deal: We intend to sell our house next year, and our kitchen cupboards are, I think, a disaster. They are old (80 years) oak with oak style false (laminated) panels on the inside. We knew something had to be done, so they are completely torn and sand. However, it seems that there is damage (steam?) At the bottom of several tall furniture, and near the dishwasher, which I can not get out of sand. I propose to be the best to slap some paint on white enamel, but my husband feels that a potential buyer would prefer wood cabinets, even if they are looking rather worse for wear. What do you think? (Our tops are a light gray stone (?) And other comparable homes in our neighborhood to go around 320,000)

I leave them as they are. Then the buyer can do whatever they want with them, but if you paint them white, the buyer will have a difficult time. A buyer might want to dye it already exists. Or they can take them out and get like new cabinets. Everyone has a different flavor. Try as they are and see what people are looking at the house said. If this is something important to view the entire speaking world, it might be better to go ahead and paint them. I personally would just as they are, because wood cabinets look better than graffiti, including if they have a couple of spots. Have a good day !!!~~~~~~~~~~

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