Kitchen Countertops Refacing

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kitchen countertops refacing
I made ​​an appointment to reface my kitchen cabinets 11k, is this a good deal?

Home Depot stopped by and gave me a quote on replacing cabinate my doors and drawers, hardware and everything. The material used is laminated, is a fairly heavy material and the laminate is as its use in laminate countertops. My kitchen has a peninsula style. One thing I have sold is going to extend my cabinets 6 inches all the way to the ceiling. This quote for cabinets only, not There are counters, etc. Is a pretty good number or a scam? I I have two more days before I can cancel this project. Help!

I'm assuming you In the U.S.? In Australia, where I can get a brand new kitchen all all for about $ 8,000, therefore their price seems quite high. If you download ikea kitchen planner, who will be able to implement all the measures and the design of kitchens copy or completely new kitchen and has a detailed price list for can see how much it will cost. I thnk you should get some more quotes.

Cabinet Refacing Before & After Photos

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