Kitchen Countertops Order

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kitchen countertops order
Where to begin?!

We replace the chimney, doors, railings, floors, kitchen cabinets, countertops and furniture. We're on a budget and you have to do things gradually. What would you do for renovations? First floors and cabinets or fireplace, doors and gates in the first place?

I would list everything I do, organized by the room, then take the list of Home Depot or Lowe's and start a price list. That will give you an idea what the project cost.Once so can decide what you can afford now, and what to save. I'll probably start in the rooms is very likely that most of use and people see as the living room and dining room. Kitchens are often costly projects. Sometimes painting the cabinets and walls and adding new cabinet hardware makes a big difference. That delay would allow a major renovation for a while and allow time to complete some smaller projects. I would not spend much money on furniture, family and friends would ask for stuff, or go places for used furniture. A cover works great! You'd be surprised how an old table and chairs may seem coming Pottery Barn just painting them!

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