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kitchen countertops local
Do you think too high of an offer tile countertops?

I'm getting my carpet and my tiles covered by the local company established itself, and gave me a great offer on my carpet. However, it appears that the tile counters offer is too high. I have 50 square feet of counter space, a countertop kitchen, kitchen island and a counter. The total cost of the removal and disposal, plywood and hardyboard since the surface, and the tiles and the workforce is of $ 2700. This is in Texas. I added and it is like $ 54 per square foot. Does this estimate seem to be trying to draw me out? The plates are 6×6 and are $ 2.95 each and new decorative accent is $ 12.95 per piece and I have 30 of them. I can not believe I 50-foot tile countertops cost more to replace the carpet throughout the whole house, but I'm not in the field of construction, so I really do not know. Thanks much!

Well 50@5.90 = 295.00 = 388.50 30 @ 2 plywood@25.00 = 50.00 2 Hardboard@35.00? 70.00 = 800.00 That's not counting mortar and grout. Rip off the sink and plumbing. Laying tile and reconnect everything. Then carry and clean. The work will take at least two days. It might be a hair high, but I do not think you are being raped or anything like that. How take you time to do what you might want done. It would probably be without a kitchen for a week. I've seen regular counter HD and Lowe's for $ 55 to 60.00 square feet If you still think that is too high to get another offer … that never hurts. 🙂 OOPS! Meyer is right … I forgot the other half of the tile. That's what I get for trying to do the math after a turkey dinner.

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