Kitchen Countertops Green

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kitchen countertops green
I am updating my kitchen. The floor and walls are light green. What color should my granite?

I also updated my utensils kitchen. Any suggestions for colors device? Thank you.

One of the tricks I've learned is kitchen countertop and floors should be of a similar color. However, if your walls and floors are green, I ditch that idea and make your countertops neutral. White is always beautiful and fresh, however, shows more dirt. Granite color light brown or sand would be good and give your kitchen a muted effect. It also shows the subtle enough into hiding spots best brands. Brown falling in that category. If you choose black, which will begin to take on a retro air, so if you are in that style, go for it. As for appliances, if you choose a lighter granite (white or brown), I would choose a very light stainless steel finish. If you drink coffee, go with a standard stainless steel and if you go with black, get black appliances.

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