Kitchen Countertops Georgia

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kitchen countertops georgia
The owner wants to remodel my house ….?

….. New countertops, appliances, tiling in kitchen and bathroom and new carpet. Then wants to raise rent for $ 100 per month. I do not mind my apartment as it is, and really can not pay more rent at this time. "I can refuse the remodeling? What could happen if I do? My lease was a year ago and is now a monthly basis, and never asked to sign a new one. I live in Georgia. I have lived here for almost 5 years. Emily … Yeah I've seen the pictures of your dog!

I told him that he would sign a new lease as it is without renewal. See what he says. The risk you have and you are a MTM is that I can give a notice to vacate without giving a reason or even have one. If you've been there five years I doubt highly if you have been a resident and pay good time that he would exercise that option. Good luck.

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