Kitchen Countertops Formica

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kitchen countertops formica
"I can lay tile over formica counter tops, too, I have a question from the cabinet?

the degree of darkness can be stained oak cabinets without having to use paint … Is it possible to make them look as dark as walnut or cherry? Also, is there something you have to do before placing tile or just put it on the grout counter tops and my boyfriend and I wanted to make a mini kitchen remodeling, but our cabinets are perfect democratic state and we want to avoid two of the cabinets and countertops. We are also on a budget and would like to do it for under $ 400

I've been remodeling kitchens and bathrooms for over 20 years and I would not recommend the installation of tile formica! Even if the sand first, do not think the surface could be hard to accept the tile mastic (adheasive). Not to mention that would be faster to do it the right way. I would recommend you go to a tile shop and ask many questions. The right way … Usually removes the old counter top (platform) set new wood and cement board, screwed down with a 4 "-6" pattern. If there is some flexibility on the surface to be tile and / or grout can and cranny. Before you do anything I would point to you that a counter tiles are considered a principle of maintaining high against the majority of contractors, unless you use dark colors and dark colored grout. light-colored grout can be a pain to clean, even if sealed properly. And all the grout lines to create a valley of crumbs and dirt to gather. You can spot dark oak as you want, but if the timber already has an end, must be sanded first. Want to start with bare wood for the application of the stain.

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