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kitchen countertops designs
what kind of soil should I use?

We decided to do black and white in our kitchen. All our appliances will be black, cabinets are all white and the surfaces are black with a white design. my question is, what should we do to plants? would love to have white floors and black? my man want to get some Pergo wood floors, but do not know what the shadow looks good. any ideas?!

I like the theme of black and white floor, however, is very contemporary, and are limiting yourself to stay with black and white in the kitchen. Pergo options are white or black ground, but a compromise has to be done to maintain for some time because this will not be cheap to make. If you go for the traditional look of a hardwood floor, I like the beech and oak for Ashton. This will look great with black and white cabinets and appliances are still very well if I ever decide to change the color of your cabinets, on the road. A floor color is not something that changes often to make sure you really want and be happy for many years.

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