Kitchen Countertops Design

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kitchen countertops design
Need help with a kitchen design?

I need help with my kitchen. We bought this house in January. The last PPL put light-colored wood cabinets (Such as a light brown color), pink tops and blue dash. The problem Im having is that the kitchen opens onto the living room and dining room. All the walls are cream ivory. If I change the wall color in the kitchen then I will change the lives rm, dining and living rm color and that's a big problem for me to understand. I do not want to leave the color of the box that color. I need help with somekind of design. I also have an island in the middle of the kitchen and the kitchen has stainless steel appliances and floor Mosaic tan. I can do the countertops and backsplash myself, but my main problem is to determine the color of the walls, the decor and colors of the cabinet. my mail is if anyone wants to see the photos. I'm changing the countertops pink out

I think that can stain or paint your cabinets so that they are going to darker. This will provide the contrary, if you want to keep the cream walls. I'm not sure what other colors could go with if you do not want to clash with their pink tops:,, 783875 , 00. Here are html backsplash ideas: Good luck!

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