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what to do with kitchen cabinets?

I have a new dark laminate flooring in my kitchen. Its kind of a dark chocolate, and they are 12mil floors. I have a kitchen with breakfast bar and counters and the design of the area we were in a U shape, not a very large kitchen, but not so small. There are now aged oak cabinets there, they're ugly. I know what to do with the cabinets and countertops with regard to colors. Should I go dark cream cabinets with counters, or should stain like the furniture on the floor and go with light counters? Anyone have any idea?

It would have to admit that the top is paramount in the design and building a kitchen. Spending a fortune in the cabinet design and materials can be in vain that it was all topped with low-quality countertops. Countertop color can make or break a design of kitchen cabinet of success. Choose a color that does not work come together around kitchen can have disastrous effects on the environment. The choice a favorite color is not an easy task, since the countertop materials tend to have some texture to them. The trick is to get the right color to go with the right texture that complements the design of the entire kitchen. In general, if you have a design theme of light, then a dark countertop adds a good contrast to balance the space and get everything together. If your kitchen theme is leaning more toward the target, then a countertop color scheme that is leaning more towards the black would be the way forward. Kitchen with dark walls, you could probably do with a similar cabinet covered with a dark-colored top for effect integrated. Dark walls with light cabinets and the countertop on the other hand can help space things and push the dark walls. I suggest painting the dark cabinet. Cabinets kitchen dark, rich, deep tones that range from beyond half brown to black, have been in the fashion show kitchen for several years. Darkness can add drama and formality to the humble kitchen cabinets! The keys to this style fixtures can come from the surrounding spaces to create a continuity of style and shade. Pay attention to balance and proportion when using dark colors! Each space is different, and it is important to analyze the different plan kitchen (standing) places to determine the balance of light vs. dark elements. Then add a little light in the kitchen countertop colors to make your kitchen truly elegant looking.

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