Kitchen Breakfast Countertops

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kitchen breakfast countertops
Kitchen / Living room share a wall .. What color to use?

He tops in beige and medium to dark brown cabinets. My Vinyl flooring is also a medium dark brown. My appliances are white and black. Three of my walls are red and beige. The wall is beige in color part w / the breakfast nook and the wall continues in the living room … so I have a long wall. The red paint in the kitchen is bright and the luster of this painting is by the beige wall in the breakfast room look pink. I thought about painting the living room and kitchen a color (a different shade of cream or beige) 2 tie them together or maybe three walls of a red color and the long breakfast / living room wall (and the other walls of the living room) a lighter shade of the same color. I would keep the red but perhaps only as an accent color. I do not know what color would be good w / beige countertops in the kitchen (if I use a beige tone.) By the way, I do not do green! Any suggestions?

I'll take a coffee or mocha color …. between a beige color on your counter tops and brown in your cabinets and floors. The darker color wall must reflect the red and make it look pink! Also a darker neutral color really heat up a room and extends from the wall in your living room will be a great accent wall in the room if you decide to paint the entire room the same color or go lighter in the rest of the living room. If you go light on the rest of the room (similar to what you have in the connecting wall now, you can add a wide belt or chair rail border in darker color to match the wall that goes from the kitchen to the living room!

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