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kitchen aluminum countertops
My cat has been isolated in a room – how I can get out and stay out?

He is 3 years old, neutered and 1 3 cats, other house (in a large living space) – A neutered cat men (brother and former best friends), and 2 women. It was the "greeter", never shy "Spoke" very, very outgoing .. for the cat. 3 weeks ago, began fighting with one of the females. He ran to the kitchen (I personally do not place I would choose for him to seek isolation) and has remained there ever since – except for running out and use the litter box that I moved just before the kitchen door (so they would stop using my desk!). No – I can not and will not have the company again until this is resolved. I have tried to lure him in vain. I have made noises in the kitchen, I know he can not stand (theft of paper, aluminum foil .. any noise) and then run out, run back in. Anyone out there have any idea what happened, why and what I can do to "fix" this?

No more than afraid is already doing all that noise and the aluminum. Your cat has been frightened by the cat fought. She must be an alpha female. What you need to do is establish himself as the animal alpha in the house and all pets of submission to YOU. This may seem harsh, but I want to do is restrict the alpha female for a time by placing its cage in a vehicle or a cat (after you've eaten, peed and poo'ed) for several hours a day (or night) and place the cat carrier or crate in a place where frightened man can see. You will soon realize that the woman can not reach him. He's out, move and begin to rebuild their confidence. After a while, let the cat out, but paused to watch. As soon as any movement makes aggressive (hissing, growling, getting grissly), stop it immediately by squirtung her with a water gun or make a loud noise (clapping). If you do this regularly, she and all will realize that cats rule the roost and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.

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