Installing Granite Countertops Epoxy

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installing granite countertops epoxy
How I can create a glossy finish laminate countertops?

I recently installed laminate countertops ( ) In the kitchen is supposed to look similar to granite. They are nice, but do not have the glossy finish that makes it natural granite. I saw an episode of "Flip This House "in which someone came in and rolled painted to look like granite. NOT want to paint mine, but when they were sprayed some kind of finish on it it was the heat and water resistant it was brilliant. I think he said it was epoxy-based, but I'm not sure. What I can use on my counters to achieve the same? I to make sure it's something that certainly will not stain or damage.

of many reasons I do not want to put anything in them. Laminate does not have a glossy finish would be my advice just leave them alone. you have to think about food than against tapas why nobody, not even the application of something like tung oil or car wax on it which is ridiculous. obviously this person is like so many here who have no idea of ​​the advice given.

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