Install Slate Tile Countertops

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install slate tile countertops

Tips To Install Slate Tile Backsplash

Using slate tiles on the back wall have become a rage today as the slate stone is so unique. The beautiful waves and patterns of slate stone to beautify your entire kitchen and give a touch of elegance and style. So they are ready to transform your kitchen into a beautiful retreat. If yes, then go further and read the instructions on how to install tile backsplash slate.

Things required for the installation of slate tile backsplash

  1. Tile cases (about 50 frames per case). The number of cases required depends on the area you want covered. The cost of one case is about $ 11.
  2. Three tubes of adhesive
  3. One bag of Type S mortar of high strength-to-gray stucco Mix
  4. Loctite seize power
  5. Angle Grinder
  6. Dry- saw blade
  7. Paint brush
  8. Caukling gun
  9. Black permanent marker
  10. Safety glasses
  11. Panel cement

Installation Tips Slate Backsplash Tiles

  • Before buying anything check your wall. Must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the slate tile and you are using 12×12 "slate tiles is primarily set cement backer board on the wall with screws. Use the screws back on every inch six for the correct setting.
  • Now if you want the sealer then better to apply before installing slate tile. Apply one day before and let tables to dry completely.
  • That the plan of how to install the tile. Before actually putting it on the back wall to make the best arrangement of slate tiles on the ground or other solid surface. Here you can go to the color scheme and style.
  • Use safety glasses and put Loctite Power Grab adhesive caukling gun.
  • Find the center of the rear wall of the wall and mark with the score. You first slate stone tile will appear there and then placed the other on the left or right side of it. Place the tile on the board regularly and provide adequate space between tiles. For this you can use tile spacer. You must also no space between the deck and slate tile. Use the tape been made to glue the tiles on the wall.
  • Make the second and third row of the same way.
  • For the last row of the need to cut slate tiles on a space available. With this placement the slate tile is complete.


  • Prior to grout slate tile dry. Now prepare the stuffing mix. To this add the right amount of water in the mortar and the consistency should be like peanut butter. If yes, then the milk mixture is ready for use.
  • Apply the entire surface of the rear wall slate tile and strength to the gaps between tiles and walls. After finishing, let set for at least 20 min. Now clean extra grout from the surface and sides. But do nothing to the grout line.
  • Wait 72 hours after this and then apply a penetrating sealer on the slate tile backsplash.

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