Install Countertops Tile

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install countertops tile
products for the manufacture of plasterboard straight between the uprights of the back wall?

I will install a new kitchen backsplash after have installed the granite countertops (already there) the problem I'm having is that drywall (which is woven a) between the studs and dives in which protrudes about 1 / 4 "on each side in some areas. essentially the wall is not straight. (not surprisingly) I'm wanting to know if there is a product out there that I can use to build the falls in the drywall to make the straight wall tile may my dashboard? I hope that all makes sense. thanks for your advice.

I agree with Michael, but you can detach from the wall and start over with concrete backer board, or as suggested reducing the counter by adding the panel tile and more. No offense to the answer # 1, and not knowing the age of plasterboard in the kitchen, or how it ended or lifetime care, I suggest that water and humidity make things that many materials that are less than ideal. To try a fill is absurd. In the case of a splash tiling seems logical to me to be out a wall surface anyway, and if the thickness of the back plate of the bull nose edges may be the final point above? Hard to say given any space image. DOC

Installing a tile countertop with SimpleMat

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