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How I can find a local contractor?

I'm interested in doing a small project group in my apartment (closets rectification, new floors, new countertops), but I'm having trouble finding a contractor. Places like Lowes and Home Depot seem to be oriented to large remodeling projects. My realtor was a nightmare, so do not trust anyone suggested. And my boyfriend and my dad are very capable, but it would take forever, it would totally inconvenient for them, and I want to do this on my own, since it is my place. Any suggestions? Thanks for the suggestions. I tried the yellow pages and online could do this. You could look in the phone book and call aorund, get estimates on the things you want to do. Second, you can drive around town and see what contractors are doing work that meets their standards. Just pull over and ask some questions. This is how we have few positions work while still working in construction. Also, if you are too busy to take your job or something they do not, you probably know who should contact. Also, you could look in the phone book or online yellow pages in your area for specific type of work for all over the place.))

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