Green Earth Countertops

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green earth countertops
What will match earth tones with white tiles in my kitchen?

I have a small kitchen with basic white tile floor, and white / black appliances (fridge white, black and white kitchen, dishwasher black). We are planning to put in new oak cabinets and I love to paint and put in new countertops. The rest of the main floor is earth tones (green / brown / brown) and I would like the kitchen of "flow" and with these rooms. Does anyone have some idea of ​​earth tones, others that could be used in the walls / counters that work well with the colors already in the other rooms? The images would be appreciated!

I stumbled upon this color scheme, and now my kitchen color. I like the look so much, I doubt if it ever will change. My stove, fridge and dishwasher are black. On one wall, there are bricks (red being used), but only a brick deck, 1 / thick and put on the wall individually with 4 filler. These are called, Z-brick "and I do not become more. The oak cabinets are made of gold with white porcelain pulls, the other walls are very, very weak (almost white) Spearmint and pistachio ice cream. Above the cabinets is a 12 "Deep border of blue material with small pink flowers that have the same mint green leaves. Fry Looks real! The counters are white flakes, but with almost solid color that matches the Golden Oak stove Cabinets.The was my mom, and is a converted old wood burner gas. It has warming ovens above the burners. I just wanted the brick floor was like my father wanted to put in, but never, the whole look is too cold, but sorry, I have no photos. Byee


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