Granite Tile Countertops Prices

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granite tile countertops prices
¿I can improve my home? Granite countertops, is it worth? ?

I bought a house 3 years ago. Now I would change my countertops modern cuisine (tiles) with granite countertops. I did some research in the area and the houses around here the list for the same price that none of them is mine granite. My question is, will I get my money back (if you decide to sell the house) if I go for granite? Or do you think is Worth? Thanks!

You should compare with other homes recently sold in your area. Granite is still recognized as a good update and people still want it, but I think his departure, at 50-10 years out of style. I am a designer and most of my clients do not want more than granite (very common) we have used marble, stone soap, butcher block, silestone, and even some cool formica laminate both sheet metal.

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