Granite Tile Countertops Bathroom

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granite tile countertops bathroom
Would this look so horrible?

My master bedroom and master bathroom are white. I have done my bedroom black and white and I really like. However, I hate my bathroom. The counters are granite with cinnamon and brown, like the rest of the house, and tile is also a sandy brown. The rest of the house is painted a brown color that looks beautiful, esp. in the kitchen and bathrooms and other really brings out the granite. It would look bad if I painted my tan bathroom and left my bedroom black and white? What could I do instead? I really hate the white bathroom … just do not match the countertops and floors.

No, they look great. My own bedroom has wainscotting black boxes with gold frames, gold and black carpets and gold scarf in bed. Most of the artwork is framed in black gold mate. I went with a tan in the bathroom, and also will highlight the richness in color granite. It is a sophisticated and elegant combination.

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