Granite Resurfacing Countertops

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granite resurfacing countertops
Cost of Kitchen Remodeling – Cabinets and Countertop?

I have a house of 21 years in San Diego and I'm trying to get no more than a calculation ball park resurfacing my cabinets (13 draws, 27 gates) and about 60 meters from the counters. I would like to make some granite counter tops and cabinets Price range average. What should I expect the materials and installation costs. I like the idea of moving away from Home Depot in a remodeling of this size. Now would consider looking at a remodeling contractor's license shall quality and price which would allow me to stay within my budget and perhaps emerge an old brick fireplace. I've seen some nice fireplaces resurfaced on the line. granite countertops, cabinets and fireplace average – do you think you could do this and remain around $ 20,000?

Refacing kitchen cabinets ranges from $ 3K to $ 5 km depending on the choices of wood and hardware; average Granite $ 50.00 per foot and I suggest you look in Silestone in your choice of stone tops, Silestone is comparable in price and have more selection in the pattern of colorand, much more than that is highly durable and simply a better beginning than granite. Silestone is a mixture of quartz and epoxy resin that feels and looks like granite or stone. I suggest you stay away from Sears, Home Depot or Lowe's services when considering installation professional traders. These sub teams simply work local operations and make the costs approx. 25% also can get better quality by hiring a local cabinetmaker, finish carpenter or cabinet. STAY AWAY FROM RATES HANDYMAN this at any price. Mike Lonergan TradesProfessional, Inc.

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