Granite Pre Cut Countertops

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granite pre cut countertops

The price of granite Counterpops

custom granite countertops are one of the most suitable material for kitchen countertops because of the hardness and durability the material. In addition to its natural strength, granite is a natural stone that adds color and warmth to every room.

custom granite countertops are expensive. Price per square foot of granite can range from $ 60 to $ 120 depending on color of granite slabs and the purity of the stone. Sometimes, the price could include the cost installation of granite countertops, while in other cases the cost might be only for the stone.

The expensive nature of granite is due to work involved in the quarrying of stone and transporting it from place to place. Granite is a common type and occur widely in the intrusive rocks, felsic igneous. In general, medium and coarse crystalline, though sometimes granite slabs can also occur as large single crystals.

This does not mean that Owners can not make pictures cheaper granite. There are several wholesale distributors and discount stores that sell granite up to $ 30 per square foot. No However, these plates can be lower grades of granite and may have some flaws in them.

manufacture of kitchen countertop is also available with slabs of granite. This usually means that the granite is cut into thin slabs and manufactured for countertops. In thin sections of granite slabs are usually two inches thick instead of the regular industry standard three-inch thick.

Pre manufactured kitchen countertops are less expensive than regular granite countertops less waste being sent to the supplier. In addition, as manufacturing is usually done in countries with much lower wages, prices granite counter is lower.

Granite suppliers usually the Group of granite slabs in four levels. The first level consists of high quality products cost more. These slabs granite colors tend to be unique and have little or no veins at points on them. Some granite slabs exhibit "" movement "" a distinctive pattern or color. The combination of color and movement also affects the final price of granite countertops.

Granite from lower levels has the same appeal and beauty of granite slabs of high quality. This level of granite is often called the "commercial quality". This grade of granite is very useful for the manufacture of cultured granite slabs.

In general, commercial grades of granite slabs with a large number of "holes" that must be filled. They both require the use of sealants more to protect the granite surface.

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For more resources about granite countertop fabrication and installation or even about granite countertop installation and especially about granite countertops fabrication and installation please review this website.

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