Granite Piece Countertops

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granite piece countertops
"I can fit a base cabinet at the top instead of bottom?

I asked about fit before, we are having tops granite installed today and one of the sides of the cabinet was 1 / 4 "low – old house, so probably the story, not the cabinet We could not get the Floor cabinet for a wedge under it, even after removing the lower court. – No meeting in which are screwed to the wall or anything. Learn rigged things are in the house, which very well could have hit the damn crazy thing to the wall – not moving! So I found a 1 / 4 "piece of wood and is screwed to the top of the base on the floor – fit right over the rear side – do you think this will fly with the counter installers Why not if work? Thanks in advance for any advice.

I agree with Rick. If the cabinet is truly buildings (which is very unlikely with modern facilities but the old style is often nailed to the studs, make sure you look carefully (with a bright light) inside the cabinet on the top bar holes hidden nails, or screw heads can be turned off). If the nail heads will have a long snapper round of 3.16 about 5 "or something to pull the nails completely through the wall. If you still can not unlock the cabinet, NO wedge bottom because they "ruin" the box and screw up doors and drawers. Also, do not forget that in most cases, a cabinet front frames are screwed together, to so check that too, because they only can give the impression that the cabinet can not move. After all this I say, it is unlikely 1 / 4 "will be a problem.

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