Granite Countertops Transformation

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granite countertops transformation
the granite countertop color transformation?

ok, everyone has been very helpful so here goes … I just put in Brazilian teak floors and cabinets painted cream color … placed in stainless steel appliances are still showing some black … I'm picking the granite countertops throughout granite transformations … picked 'terra shadow, which is brown, speckled black, cream … any suggestions if this might be too dark? I have a small kitchen, but a sliding glass door and decent lighting. thanks again … oh, with cream and boxes of 4×4 rear wall to keep it simple …

No. I think it made an excellent choice given his selection of fixed colors. It will not be too dark because of their cabinets are cream and black appliances have enough The desks are the system tie everything together. I think it will be very happy with it once it's installed and see how it acts to integrate the entire space.

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