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granite countertops tops
Update maple cabinets and granite countertops?

What is a reasonable price for a builder in charge of updating oak cabinets laminate countertops and maple cabinets and granite countertops along a condominium (including kitchen and two bathrooms)? Thanks! The apartment is fully again being built now. Cabinet Hi Jimmy, Thanks for the complete answer! They want $ 2500 for the maple and granite $ 2500 for a total fee of $ 5000. What do you think?

This is the truth. Let me begin here. The oak is the least expensive, the maple is about 15%, then more is oak and cherry approximately 40% more than oak. Hickory reaches almost the same price as the maple. Now ….. Builders have all their ducks right into place. They know what Joe Company cobra cabinet or any other trade. The constructor automatically doubles the price and that is what they build in the price. Same works for improvements. Say you want to update its maple oak kitchen. If oak kitchen builder's cost $ 3000, to upgrade to Maple would cost about $ 450 additional. The builder must charge you about $ 900 for the update. Granite these days has come way way down in price. You can buy for less than granite laminate nowadays. We are selling granite 26-SF and others are playing our price easily. Do not let the overcharge to the manufacturer for the update of granite. It probably costs less than granite then the laminate. I would not say what most builders charge for some updates are too out of place, but some are, of course. The right way to buy a new home is to buy it stripped the ball. After hiring reliable contractors to do their updates. Of course you can not do this with cabinets. This is the rate that you pay if you want. Other improvements that you should never pay for a pool builder and swimming soil. Updates you have to pay for things that would be too expensive to add later as lead before a laundry, entertainment system wiring, telephone lines additional stuff. How much are you trying to rape Update oak maple?

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