Granite Countertops Test

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granite countertops test
I have granite countertops. How important is to have them checked for radiation, and if necessary …?

… What type of business should I contact with regard to the evidence? I know you probably is not too big a thing to worry about, but I know someone who had parents remodeled and beautiful granite placed, only to discover by accident that emit very high quantities compared to what most granite does. I was told being beaten and losing, and some counters put enough to be dangerous. I do not know if the number is high enough to worry about. Marietta – is hit or miss, because it contains the counters. They came with the house.

Well, in the interior design is constantly recommend natural sources such as newspapers granite. Radiation is not a huge concern. I would not bother to do the test. EDIT: You can always choose to have a clear sealer palces on the counter tops. I do not remember the details, but I know it is cheaper to have experience with them.

UPDATED – Testing your granite counter-top for radon

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