Granite Countertops Synthetic

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granite countertops synthetic

Granite Tile Countertops

One of the strongest natural material known to man, the advantages of having granite countertops in the kitchen looks obvious. Stone countertops that can only be cut by diamonds is likely to face the penalty fixed by the owner of an average house or cook in the family.

Granite has other advantages, however. Besides being resistant to scratches, not yellow as granite countertops Formica or hard plastic, and will not peel, spot, or crack. Stove is not necessary with granite countertops, and granite can withstand the hottest pots and pans, and a granite countertop can be used for making pasta and pasta, because the finish is both resistant to bacteria, and polished to make it stick. Finally, granite adds value to a house, because it is both elegant and durable.

The two options for homeowners who have decided to install granite countertops are granite slabs and granite tiles. slabs of granite are exactly it sounds – large pieces of granite that was at the top of the cabinets, with granite slab comprising the counter. slab granite countertops are virtually indestructible and of great beauty. However, the problem with granite is twofold. First, because a slab of granite is so heavy, most of the cabinets should be reinforced to withstand the weight of a slab is placed on top of it. This adds time and costs money to remodel the kitchen. Second, because granite slabs with intricate patterns, and patterns can not be repeated, all the slabs of granite in the kitchen should come from the same granite quarry. This limits the options homeowners, depending on the size of their desks, and makes very expensive granite slabs.

Moreover, owners can choose countertops granite tile for their projects to renovate the kitchen. Granite tiles are usually no more than ½ inch thick, in comparison, the slabs tend to be 1 ¼ inches thick at least. This means that the cabinets do not usually need to be reinforced to allow installation of a granite tile countertop. Since These pieces have fallen granite floor tiles, granite counter tile be installed in the same way as a floor tile or ceramic bath, a task manageable for the homeowner to hand. Finally, as homeowners do not end up buying a large granite countertop granite tiles and granite tiles, because they do not necessarily have to come from the same quarry, its price is much lower than that of granite slabs. In general, a granite tile countertop runs about 1 / 3 of price of a slab of granite.

With granite tiles, homeowners get many of the same benefits as them with a granite countertop. The durability of granite tiles far exceeds that of synthetic materials, the end is the same as a slab of granite, and anti-bacterial and non-stick properties are the same too. However, granite tiles allow homeowners to save money on materials, as well as costly reinforcement of the existing cabinets. This means that the granite Tile is a way to showcase the beauty, durability and value of granite at a fraction of the cost.

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For homeowners considering a kitchen countertop replacement, granite tile countertops make a great deal of sense. Speaking with an expert about the process of installing these countertops is as easy as visiting the local Sears.

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