Granite Countertops Sealant

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granite countertops sealant
Can you change the color of a granite countertop?

I just bought a house and I can not stand the color of the existing granite countertops – are black and Pepto-PINK! They are in very good shape and is silly to spend the money necessary to replace them. Is it possible to remove the sealer and stain on the stone to a more neutral palette? Even if they were almost all black would be an improvement over what I have.

that can be polished to its original color and stained or painted with epoxy to the color you want you want. It is a long and costly process. can sometimes cost as much as an upper or close to it. I have retired from the historic restoration and is a process to do so. you can shop around and get another or even get the steps and find the ones that have been taken from the houses and the one you like may be bigger than you may have to cut to measure the fraction of the cost.

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