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condo sales?

I'm considering buying a condominium in a downtown options are: 1. 845sq ft fifth floor east corner. windows in each room. A perspective view vacant parking lot, the other overlooks the entrance to a historic hotel renew condos.Its noisy, since it gives the street, but I was told by RE agents that resale value is better because it has views. 2. a unit of 945 square feet with interior views of other indoor units and light well, not overlooked, except the drive through light well. This unit is also in the 5 th floor (there are 12 in total) so I'm not sure how will be weak in that unit.I believe that there is some natural light at any time of day when the sun passes. This unit is priced at $ 20,000 less. Both units have birch floors, granite countertops, kitchen and bathroom accessories Toto, bosch appliances, Italian cabinetry. The building is impressive, not sure Why choose. The agent tells me that the indoor units are difficult to drive sell.which would u prefer?

I second the appraiser, especially if you are anywhere near the UCLA …. RE is an important investment and that there are more to invest. The corner unit with less neighbors and the real time increase in value as and appreciate faster! GOOD LUCK!

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