Granite Countertops Radiation

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granite countertops radiation
granite countertops and radiation?

Has there been a real resolution of whether the amount of radiation that is emitted by uradium countertop is harmful? Anyone know the typical amount of radiation that is emitted from granite? I'm looking to replace my kitchen counter. All information is good to hear. How do you know the answer? (Contractor, I heard it somewhere, because, scientific, etc)

Dude … you seriously ask this question? Let me put in this way, and I'm not trying to be rude … but if you are worried about radiation (?) granite … not receive a … You know? Sorry … but that is exaggerated way in the department worry, man. You have a much better chance of hitting the lottery – 3 years running every Saturday … to develop some of the radiation of a granite countertop. I guess, theoratically possible, since granite is basically rock lava … to simplify the way down … but … I have a better chance of doubling the Mona Lisa you will … something … a slab of granite. (Yes. .. I suck in the paint – in a big way)

2 Minute Granite & Radiation Video

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