Granite Countertops Pieces

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granite countertops pieces
Update neglect in the undermount sink? Granite countertop?

My boyfriend and I are updating our neglect sink low indoor cooking. We have granite. Can this be done without replacing the entire piece of granite? Any advice is welcome. Thanks!

I will not say this is impossible, but unlikely to remove the drop in the sink without damaging / cracking granite. If you fall into much smaller than the undermount, then it may be possible to have the sink extended cut granite, and polished edges. But undermount cabinets should suit and may have to re-drill holes tap, etc. It is not likely to pull. And again, it would be almost a miracle to remove the drop without cracking the granite … possibly through a crack full thickness of the edge, or just in the center of the granite. Even if you decide to do and where somehow able to convince a contractor to do it, you really can not hold them accountable if their grain is ruined. I suggest you learn how to drop or just replace the whole grain. Instruction Video B) Measuring

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