Granite Countertops Outlet

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granite countertops outlet
"I can use the power line of a switch to somehow get constant power at the outlet (disposal)?

I install an undersink water heater for boiling water. Therefore, I have to connect, but the wall outlet is controlled by a switch. You can not have another line because there countertops granite top. "I can somehow make a constant outlet switch controlled? THANKS

State and Code Federal requires a switch is installed between the live and the desposal. Consider electrition be licensed to perform the work for you. First, turn off the switch Lock off so you do not accidentally switched on again. Then ensure that the amperage of the switch is the right amount for both the water heater and disposal of those who operate at the same time. Now remove the old switch, using the nuts of the correct size wire, wire and put a space in white cover plate on the box. This will cause the container under the sink, LIVE! Allowing you to connect the water heater. After the live source, install a second vessel with a switch located just below the sink for desposal. Cubard have to open each time you want to use the provision.

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