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Your opinion on kitchen countertops?

We have to redo our kitchen countertops. It is rolling now. A friend says that granite is very delicate and breaks easily. Because we are a very active family with children, I believe that granite does not work in my house. I was wondering about maybe silestones corian. Any opinions?

Granite is not sensitive at all – your friend is probably thinking of marble. We had our granite countertops for 6 years and can still be look shiny and new as the day they were established. The knife to kill you before you scratch the stone – the only drawback is that the crystals have a tendency to break falling on them, because, well, rock. Corian and how they are losing favor because they are more high maintenance than granite no matter what vendors tell you. You can not put a hot pot / pan of Corian or burn going, you can not cut anything about it or she goes to zero – it is not practical for a busy family and costs a fortune to repair. For the same price, go for the granite – will not be disappointed!

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