Granite Countertops Opalescence

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granite countertops opalescence
Opalescence granite: Would you recommend it for my kitchen countertops?

I'm looking at my options for the granite countertops in the kitchen as I am remodeling. Opalescence looks nice and is on the cheaper end well. Any thoughts on the value of that specific type of granite or alternative recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

my preference for the countertops go to the middle and darker colors because they tend to hide stains from spills better if they just penetrating sealer, but as long as you're happy with the final result and we stick to the maintenance instructions that will be fine. my favorite is called "Uba tuba" their dark green color with garnet red beads and type of gold veins running throughout the only drawback is that it takes a lot of direct light to show actually the depth of the stone.

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    Pretty much any granite if cared for should last you a lifetime. I’m actually sitting at an opalescence desk right now. It’s quality is great.

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